The bakery that gives africa hope

At Solar Bakers we bake and dry rusks in hybrid solar ovens and commercial solar dehydrators

We also bake shortbread and biscotti in highly impressive evacuated solar glass tubes

What makes solar baking unique?

♥ We can only bake where and when the sun shines
♥ Our baking process changes with seasons and weather conditions
♥ We have to plan days, weeks and even months ahead
♥ We bake in pans with lids
♥ We have to wear UV protection for extreme weather conditions
♥ We bake at low temperatures with unique equipment and therefore produce a less expensive product
♥ Every time you eat a Solar Bakers product, you do your tiny bit to make our planet a better place

Going green has never been so impressive and delicious

We deliver our rusks country wide

1 – 59 Packets only R31.00/500g + R153 Courier cost – delivered at your doorstep.

60+ Packets only R31.00/500g all inclusive – delivered at your doorstep.