Solar Bakers - micro franchise

The opportunity rural women were waiting for

Solar Bakers identified two major problems with alternative energy and small business development in communities:

  • Micro franchises in communities make very little progress as they normally only do business locally. Poverty prevails as the available money is just circulating within. Wealth is created by selling high-end, high profit products internationally and bring “new” money back into the community.
  • Solar electrical energy (PV) is still way too expensive and inefficient to be used commercially in communities. Solar thermal energy, on the other hand, is almost free and highly efficient. By combining these two technologies we save up to 80% on energy costs and produce products at a price nobody can compete with. 


Is this the way forward for eliminating poverty?


The brand “Solar Bakers” is now well established. We researched and pilot-tested three different hybrid solar bakeries in communities and are now implementing these results in a commercial environment. We manufacture and therefore supply all equipment, ingredients, training and mentoring to the new franchise owner. We have a buy-back policy of baked products to be sold nationally and internationally on behalf of the franchise owner. It is therefore not expected of rural women, with very limited resources, to find markets in this competitive business environment.

We have the knowledge, the technology and the passion to take our innovation to the next level.

The Bakery that gives Africa hope